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Opportunity City versus Superstar City: San Diego at a Crossroads
December 20, 2007 - What will be San Diego's economic future? A debate waging among students of urban economic development has serious implications for how that question will be answered in the coming decades... Continue reading »
Using Transportation Dollars Wisely
December 13, 2007 - Earlier this month the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) passed the latest iteration of the "Regional Transportation Plan" (RTP)... Continue reading »
Never a Better Time for U.S. Free Trade
December 6, 2007 - Free trade boils down to the very simple concept of people being free to exchange something of value for something else of value. Continue reading »
Recognizing the Service of San Diego's Veterans
November 29, 2007 - San Diego is home to one of the largest communities of veterans in the nation. When it comes to local government's efforts to reduce the tax burden on those that have sacrificed for our country, our region lags behind. Continue reading »
When Fires Come Again
November 15, 2007 - Wildfires are a natural part of the California landscape. In October 1889, the Los Angeles Times reported that two wildfires in San Diego and Orange County had consumed almost 800,000 acres, making those fires four times larger than last month's Witch Creek blaze and eight times larger than the Harris fire. Continue reading »

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