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EconoMeter panelists look back at 2012
U-T SAN DIEGO, December 28, 2012 - Q: What surprised you most about the key economic indicators in 2012? Continue reading »
EconoMeter: Time to get back into stock market?
U-T SAN DIEGO, December 21, 2012 - Q: With the stocks rebounding in recent days, should big and small investors return to the stock market? Panel's answer: Yes 5 , No 2, Yes/No 1 Continue reading »
Are labor unions a relic of the past?
U-T SAN DIEGO, December 14, 2012 - Q: With Michigan's approval of right-to-work laws, is there a place for organized labor in 21st century America? Panel's answer: Yes 7 , No 1 Continue reading »
Fiscal Cliff Casts Shadow Over San Diego Economy
KPBS, December 10, 2012 — San Diego could end up with wide reaching impacts if federal lawmakers can't find a compromise solution to avoid the fast approaching fiscal cliff. Federal lawmakers are working to avoided automatic spending cuts and tax hikes that take effect in the new year, but there is no deal in sight. Continue reading »
EconoMeter: Should we replace the dollar bill with a coin?
U-T SAN DIEGO, December 7, 2012 - Q: Should the U.S. replace the dollar bill with the dollar coin and save a projected $4.4 billion over 30 years? Panel's answer: Yes 1, No 7 Continue reading »

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