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Are SeaWorld's fortunes looking up?
SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE, November 20, 2015 - Q: Will SeaWorld's newly announced plans to change to its killer whale show and build a new hotel improve the company's fortunes? Continue reading »
Ballast Point Brewing Sold To Constellation Brands For $1B
KPBS, November 16, 2015 - Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits, one of San Diego's top craft beer producers, was acquired Monday by Constellation Brands for $1 billion. Continue reading »
New transportation funding: A godsend for San Diego?
SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE, November 13, 2015 - Q: Will the new $339 billion transportation bill, passed by the House, speed important infrastructure in San Diego County? Continue reading »
What it Would Take to Make Coastal Housing More Affordable
VOICE OF SAN DIEGO, November 11, 2015 - Coastal California is notorious for its high housing costs. And to residents of beach communities like Encinitas, it's not all that confounding. People like to live by the coast, after all. But that doesn't explain it all. Continue reading »
Q&A: The battle over the $15 minimum wage
ABC 10NEWS KGTV, November 10, 2015 - As the push for a $15 minimum wage continues nationwide, San Diego voters are going to get a chance to weigh in this June. Continue reading »

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