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Ready for 'The Big One'?: EconoMeter's reality check
U-T SAN DIEGO, May 1, 2015 - Q: In the wake of the earthquake in Nepal, is California ready for the potential economic devastation of the "Big One"? Answers: YES 4, NO 11 Continue reading »
Stadium Watch: Financing Plan
KUSI NEWS, April 29, 2015 - In the Stadium Watch report, a USA Today article strongly suggested the Chargers will follow other major league teams that have left San Diego. It also suggests San Diegan's care less about spectator sports than other big cities and there may not be enough public pressure to keep the team. Continue reading »
How the 49ers Got a Stadium – and Why It Won't Work Here
VOICE OF SAN DIEGO, April 29, 2015 - Like the Chargers, the San Francisco 49ers once confronted a complex proposition to bankroll a new stadium without the tax hikes teams in other states have relied on. California law requires a two-thirds vote for a tax hike – and that's nearly impossible to win. Continue reading »
The Big Brewery Boom
SAN DIEGO MAGAZINE, April 24, 2015 - It would be tempting to gauge the meteoric growth of San Diego's craft beer industry simply by looking at the rise in breweries and brewpubs. In 2011, the count was 37; today, the number has exceeded 100. But the sheer quantity of breweries provides only part of the picture. In fact, the most dramatic and significant industry growth has come from the expansion of a handful of the county's largest and best-established breweries. Continue reading »
Stadium Watch: New stadium renderings
KUSI NEWS, April 24, 2015 - The Chargers released new renderings for an open air stadium in Carson that's L.A.-centric, but customized for both the Chargers and the Raiders. Continue reading »

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