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Gloria optimistic sides can compromise on hike

Mark Walker, U-T SAN DIEGO

Monday, March 17, 2014

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While the precise number of people earning minimum wage in San Diego isn’t readily discernible, Erik Bruvold at the National University System Institute for Policy Research has been crunching state-tracked payroll data.

While Bruvold said the consensus view of economists is that minimum wage increases do have some negative impact on overall employment, a new study out of the University of California Berkeley found virtually no such result in San Francisco and several other cities that have mandate higher minimum wages. The current wage in San Francisco, which also mandates paid sick leave, is $10.74 an hour.

Bruvold said one possible immediate impact of raising the minimum in San Diego could be felt in the hotel industry, where the costs could lead to higher room rates that could lead to a decline in bookings.