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Chargers, Raiders buy land in Carson


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

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A study released by the National University System Institute for Policy Research on Tuesday said the advisory group's pitch was "reasonable and realistic," although it suggested that the plan might have overestimated the revenues that a new stadium in Mission Valley might generate.
Unless the new stadium has "extraordinary cost savings" or an ability to book events with an "extraordinary level of net operating surpluses," it will need to find ways of generating $130 million in more revenues just to meet its overhead and maintenance costs, the report said.
Erik Bruvold, the institute's president, also challenged the repeated assertion that building a new stadium would boost the local economy.
“Economic research does not support the argument that hosting an NFL team benefits a region’s economy," Bruvold said. "Instead, it should be looked at as an amenity. If the public decides that it finds emotional value in hosting a team, the (advisory group's) plan seems a feasible means of realizing that goal.”