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Could SeaWorld Be Put Up For Sale?

ABC 10 News

Thursday, June 4, 2009

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Bruvold said a sale would not be such a bad idea for San Diego.
"That doesn't mean anything bad for San Diego. I'm thinking it'll mean good things for San Diego as things move forward," said Bruvold.
Locally, SeaWorld employs up to 3,000, and about 4 million people visit the park each year.
Experts believe a sale could mean more revenue for the region as a whole.
"If we get synergies they'll do co-marketing between theme parks in Southern California, so people will come from Los Angeles, stay for a couple of days and spend extra time at SeaWorld," said Bruvold.
Bruvold said another upside would be having a new owner with new ideas.
"One thing true about theme parks is there needs to be investments in attractions on a yearly basis," Bruvold said. "So it is likely InBev will continue and if the price is right we'll see a new owner at SeaWorld."