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Court to decide if SeaWorld can have trainers in the water with Orcas

John Carroll, SAN DIEGO 6 THE CW

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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With the restrictions in place, some have also argued that SeaWorld's future profits are on the line. But a local economist who's an expert on theme parks says win or lose in court, it probably won't mean much to SeaWorld's bottom line. "In 2012, attendance at SeaWorld overall was up about 3 percent. Here in San Diego, it was 3 percent. In Orlando, it was 3.5 percent and that was at a time when the trainers were out of the water," said Erik Bruvold with National University. Bruvold told San Diego 6 that SeaWorld's expensive court battle probably has more to do with setting legal precedent. "The company wants to continue to profess and have court rulings that it's safe," he said.