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Economic impact of endurance events

City News Services, SAN DIEGO 6 THE CW

Monday, August 11, 2014

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"With a warm climate, numerous lodging options and a year-round schedule of events, San Diego is positioned to become a leader in sports tourism," said Vince Vasquez, a senior policy analyst with NUSIPR and author of the study.
"Moving forward, stronger partnerships between the hospitality industry and event organizers could generate even more visits to San Diego and further boost attendance," Vazquez said. "Event organizers should also consider exploring underutilized sites in South Bay and East County communities, as we found these areas only host a handful of small events each year."
Vazquez said the popularity of endurance sports is rising nationally. He cited a study showing that the number of people who have completed a marathon in the U.S. has risen 53 percent since 2000, to 541,000.