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Economists State South San Diego County is the Perfect Place for Amazon Headquarters

Elected officials, economists and business leaders gathered to discuss development of the South Bay and Baja region at the South County Economic Development Council's 27th Annual Economic Summit

South County EDC, NEWSWIRE

Friday, September 15, 2017

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Phil Blair, Executive Office Manpower of San Diego; Kelly Cunningham, Senior Economist of National University; and Chief Economist at SANDAG, Ray Major rounded out the economic panel...

Cunningham discussed the challenges that San Diego economy faces. He highlighted that the recent growth in San Diego’s GDP lags the rest of the state, or more precisely trails Northern California/San Francisco Bay Area; noting that San Diego, along with Los Angeles and Orange County show slower economic growth since 2010. He also talked about South County specifically, stating that the region’s $21.3 billion economy accounts for 10 percent of San Diego County’s GDP ($220.6 billion).

“If Amazon were to relocate to San Diego, the only place that makes sense for them to put it is in South County,” said Cunningham. “South County has the warehouses, space and airport.”