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Independence Day Holiday Weekend By The Numbers

Daily Business Report-July 1, 2015

Daily Business Report, SD METRO MAGAZINE

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

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Key Findings:
• More than 950,000 visitors are expected to visit San Diego City beaches. This estimate is similar to 2014 (953,600) and 2013, when more than a million visitors flocked to city beaches over the holiday weekend. Countywide, San Diego has 70 miles of coastline.
• An estimated 1.1 million pounds of beef will be sold in San Diego County this week. Based on 2014 sales, the top three beef cuts that will be purchased this week are 1) ground beef, 2) boneless ribeye steak, and 3) bone in ribeye steak. (FreshLook Marketing, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association)
• Countywide, approximately 1.5 million hot dogs will be consumed over the holiday weekend. (North American Meat Institute)
• National consumer surveys identify Fourth of July as the most popular grilling holiday (53%), followed by Memorial Day (14%) and Labor Day (6%). (Praxi Group, Consumer Grilling Survey, 2012)
• Whole watermelon sales are projected to exceed more than 229,000 melons this week in San Diego County. (FreshLook Marketing, National Watermelon Promotion Board)
• The San Diego Bay fireworks display has measureable economic benefits. A 2012 analysis found that the “Big Bay Boom” fireworks show generated $10.6 million in total economic benefits for the region, including $6 million in additional revenue from lodging, retail purchases, restaurants, and tourist attractions.