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Is Chargers stadium fiasco 1998 all over again?

Michael Chen, ABC 10 NEWS

Friday, April 10, 2015

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   In the past 10 years, job growth downtown is basically flat, “said Eric Bruvold, who leads the National University System Institute for Policy Research.
   He says with the state grab for redevelopment dollars and litigation delays that stalled development around Petco Park, that lockbox could soon come open, leaving taxpayers with a hefty bill.
   Against that backdrop, there is a campaign for a Chargers stadium. Could history repeat itself? This time around, the price tag much higher, while the city's finances are in tougher shape.
   Furthermore, football stadiums typically don't have as much economic impact as baseball stadiums – which see 80-plus games a season. Studies have also shown mixed results when it comes to the economic benefits of stadiums.
   “The motto would have to be, ‘more than just a stadium,’” Bruvold said.