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One-on-one with San Diego Mayor Faulconer

Steve Bosh, KUSI NEWS

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

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To get a non political assessment of Wednesday's address, KUSI News talked with Vince Vasquez, a senior policy analyst at National University.
"People are looking for solutions they're looking for real leadership here, and this is the opportunity the mayor has to really layout in fine detail in terms of what he wants to do with those issues," said Vasquez.
Perhaps the overriding issues are infrastructure, expansion of the Convention Center, and a Chargers stadium.
"If the mayor can really show us, can he connect the dots, and lay out those dots in terms of where the money is going come from, how that process is going to get approved, how projects are going get built, I think people are going to be much more confident after the state of the city address," said Vasquez.
The Mayor will no doubt lay out his goals, Vasquez said he has to go beyond that to state a broader vision.
"We have an incredible opportunity to build really important projects, to address billions of dollars of deferred maintenance so what is it that Mayor Faulconer really wants to get done, and how is he going to get it done," he said.