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Pay the Chargers to keep playing?

EconoMeter panel looks at subsidizing a new stadium, economically speaking

Roger Showley, U-T SAN DIEGO

Friday, April 18, 2014

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Kelly Cunningham, National University System 

Answer: YES

Maybe. Whether to subsidize a new Chargers stadium rests squarely on the details of the deal. Ultimately the question rests on how much in taxes – especially property taxes – can be generated from the Qualcomm and sports arena sites. Those city-owned properties currently contribute very little to city revenues while costing tens of millions to maintain. If a deal is struck capping public subsidies below what can be generated by taxes from redevelopment, a good arrangement may be possible. If not – and skeptics can point to the sorry track record of cities negotiating with NFL teams – it could be a poor deal for taxpayers.