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Peters Credits Distance from Obama for Victory in CA-52

William Bigelow, BREITBART

Sunday, November 9, 2014

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Vince Vasquez, senior policy analyst for the National University System Institute for Policy Research, agreed, according to the Union-Tribune. He said, “He walked a fine line on Obama and that made the president a non-issue in the race. Enough independent and Republican voters embraced him because he wasn’t ideological or partisan. He didn’t put out anything in the campaign that scared them. And he didn’t go after the progressive Democratic base because he knew those voters wouldn’t turn out in large numbers.”
Vasquez pointed out that DeMaio didn’t discuss Obama at length, adding, “Here in San Diego, Obama isn’t particularly unpopular. It’s not to the point in other parts of the country where there’s an intensity of dislike.” He added that Peters’ victory was impressive given the myriad of factors arrayed against him, including an unpopular president, an off-year election, and low voter turnout, saying, “It was really designed for a Republican to win.”