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Water Cuts Could Ding Beer, Soft Drink Industries in San Diego Area

Dry cleaning, laundry services, agriculture, life sciences and food industries could also feel the pain.

Mirna Alfonso, PATCH

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

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Agriculture, life sciences, brewing and soft drink bottling, dry cleaning and laundry services, food manufacturers and construction could face the impacts because they traditionally use more water than other business sectors, according to institute President Erik Bruvold. However, the economy in general shouldn’t be hurt much, he said.

“The data would seem to indicate that area businesses already use water efficiently and that further restrictions would not impose significant downward pressure on regional employment,” Bruvold said. “Restrictions are likely to be felt among a handful of industries, which use water in core processes. First among these will be agriculture but we could see negative impacts on a half dozen other industries based upon this data.”